Friday, April 23, 2010

The Heart of a Flower

Here is a very funny story that Grace Kelly (then Princess of Monaco) told about Clark Gable in her book "My Book of Flowers" .

"I remember the story of Clark Gable, who was in Cornwallin the Autumn of 1952, making a picture that was directed by the late Delmer Daves [the picture was "Never Let Me Go" with Gene Tierney] . They were on location in a little village. The sets were being changed and the work was taking longer than had been anticipated. Ever conscious of his stars well-being, the assistant director said to Clark Gable, 'Why don't you and Delmer take a little drive in the country, and by the time you're back we'll be ready for you?' Once they left the villiage in the car, they were in virgin country. Delmer Daves was a remarkable man. He was fascinated by every aspect of nature - botany, biology, geology - all the natural sciences that explain the wonders of the earth. He always carried a jeweler's magnifying glass to look at specimens that interested him, whether they were rocks, flowers, or insects.

When something went wrongwith the automobile, Delmer was not the least concerned and suggested that they take a walk. They were in the middle of nowhere when he suddenly said, 'Look! Look at that field of anemones over there,' and, turning to Gable, asked, 'Have you ever looked into the heart of a flower?' Gable, that down-to-earth gentle giant, replied, 'You're kidding!' With that, Delmer brought out his little glass and invited Gable to look for himself.

They were standing there deep in concentration when some people drove by and stopped to ask directions. They drove off, but, soon realizing who was standing among the anemones, turned the car back and pulled up again. The man said, 'I've been having a discussion with my wife as to why Clark Gable would be in a field in Cornwall. You are Clark Gable, aren't you?' Gable leaned all those six feet over and answered, 'My good man, have you never looked into the heart of a flower?'"

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