Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy 111th Birthday, Nelson Eddy!

Nelson Eddy. His was a unique Hollywood talent that shot to stardom through his first starring role. He became one of the most top names in motion pictures and radio between 1935 and 1945.

(L. to R.: Nelson at six months, Nelson c. 1906, Nelson c. 1908, as a choir boy.)

(L. to R.: Nelson in 1915, Nelson c. 1921, Nelson on USO Tour in 1942)

Today marks his 111th birthday. He was born June 29, 1901 in Providence, Rhode Island. Out of humble beginnings he became one of MGM's top stars. He had to drop out of school after eighth grade in order to support his mother. His jobs ranged from that of a clerk in a plumbing supply company, to a typesetter on a newspaper, a sports reporter and even a copywriter for an advertising firm. Finally, he landed a job with the Philadelphia Civic Opera which enabled him to give private concerts in the evenings. It was at one of these events that a Hollywood talent scout spotted him . . . and the rest is Entertainment history.

In honor of his birthday, we're posting some harder-to-come-by photographs, taken throughout his childhood. So, Happy Birthday, Nelson Eddy!

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