Monday, May 9, 2011

Dana Wynter Dies; 79

Actress Dana Wynter died on Thursday, May 5, at the age of 79. Dark haired, dark eyed, and strikingly pretty, she is best remembered for her role in the B-film, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". She also played the sympathetic and kind secretary to Kenneth Moore in "Sink the Bismark!". Born in Germany, she grew up in England and Southern Rhodesia before coming to America. She started in New York on the stage and television, before moving to California to try movies. In the 1960s, she appeared on many TV shows, and in 1970, she appeared as Burt Lancaster's wife in the movie, "Airport". She is survived by her son, Mark.

Here is a fantastic quote about her feeling of modern Hollywood stars versus the classic greats. "In my opinion, there aren't as many originals today. Everyone looks the same to me. Where are the Katharine Hepburns, Spencer Tracys, Clark Gables and Bette Davises of today? Those actors were instantly recognizable. Nowadays I have trouble separating one actor from another."

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