Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jackie Cooper dies, 88 - Goodbye to "America's Boy"!

Famous child star, Jackie Cooper, died Tuesday in California. He was 88 years old. As a child in the 1930s, he reigned with Shirley Temple as the most famous child stars. He is remembered as the little blonde-haired boy with the winning smile. Nominated for the Best Actor Academy Award for his performance in the 1931 film, "Skippy" (which was directed by his uncle, Norman Taurog). Some of his other screen credits include "The Little Rascals", "The Champ", "Treasure Island", and "That Certain Age".

After returning home from four years of Navy service during World War II, he had trouble finding worthwhile roles. Following the advise of actor friend John Garfield, he went to New York and worked on the stage, eventually starring in two hit comedies. He acted on Television and went on to become production head of Columbia Pictures' TV company. In the 1970s, he returned to acting and appeared as the Metropolis Daily Planet editor, Perry White, in Christopher Reeve's four "Superman" films.

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