Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ann Blyth is Perfect Hollywood Star

Ann Is Perfect Hollywood Star - - She's Liked By Fellow Workers


Ann Blyth is one of those rare individuals who reach the top rung of stardom in Hollywood. She is as popular with her Hollywood colleagues as she is with the fans.

The tiny 24-year-old charmer of many pictures has been called "the perfect trouper" by those whose responsibility it is to make preparations for star tours, draw up itineraries and then accompany the celebrities wherever they make personal appearances.

One studio representative on a recent tour with "Annie", as she is called by those who know her, said that Miss Blyth makes no unreasonable demands, is perfectly amiable at all times and accommodating to all. "She's the type of woman I hope my daughter becomes," he said.

Little things that cause such comments include putting on extra shows at military bases when the boys cannot be accomodated at the regularly scheduled number of programs, stopping to chat with youngsters who want to see her, and generally putting herself out for her fans and fellow workers.

Additionally, Ann's personal habits make her one of the most pleasant stars to work with. She does not smoke or drink or visit night clubs, and her behavior is always the best.

These items probably account for her long-standing stardom in Hollywood, where she has been at the top since she was 11 years old, when she scored in "Watch on the Rhine." [This was actually on stage, not film.] Since then, her roles have covered all types and varieties. These include "The World In His Arms," now playing at the Lyric Theater, and "One Minute to Zero," soon coming to the Utah Theater.

Illustrative of her versatility, these pictures present her in different types of parts in different centuries. In "The World in His Arms," she is a Russian countess in an adventure film whose story takes place in the 1850s. In "One Minute to Zero," she is an American girl with the United Nations forces in Korea.

(Transcribed from THE DESERET NEWS, Wednesday, 13 Aug 1952)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Anne Baxter is Tops in Dialogue

Anne Baxter Is Tops In Dialogue

Anne Baxter, who is always letter-perfect in her lines, established a new record for a day's performance before the cameras. For her starring role in "My Wife's Best Friend," in which she is teamed with MacDonald Carey, she polished off 11 pages of dialogue and went through 14 different setups without a hitch. Three to five pages of dialogue are considered good pace for the average day's work.

(Transcribed from THE DESERET NEWS, Wednesday, 13 Aug 1952)