Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Deanna Durbin (4 Dec 1921 - Apr 2013)

Edna Mae David, alias Deanna Durbin, passed away a few days ago in France at the age of 91. Her son, Peter, released the news yesterday. For the past 60+ years, she has lived in complete privacy in a small town outside of Paris. For twelve years in the 1930s and 40s, she was one of Hollywood's super stars. She made 21 feature films, countless recordings, and was a weekly guest on Eddie Cantor's radio show for a while. At one point, Deanna Durbin was the highest paid actress in the world! However, for Canadian-born Edna, the Deanna craze and fame was an intruder. When the time came, she slammed the door on Hollywood and the glamour with a bang that was heard around the world!

For a previous blog entry that gives a more detailed account of her career, click here. Also, the New York Times is running a full article about her.