Monday, October 1, 2012

Ann Blyth Refuses to Smoke in Film

Ann Blyth Refuses To Smoke In Films

HOLLYWOOD - Although Ann Blyth plays a toughie in "Swell Guy," Mark Hellinger production for Universal, she balked at learning to smoke.

"I'm practically an alcoholic in the picture," said Ann, "but the drinks are fake. There's no way to fake smoking, so I'll just have to skip it. I've never learned to smoke and even a smoke-filled room makes me ill."

For the picture, Ann had to learn to flip a coin like a dyed-in-the-wool gambler. With between-scenes insstruction from Sonny Tufts, William Gargan, John Craven, John Litel and other males of the cast, it took her about a week to acquire this skill.

(Transcribed from THE DESERET NEWS, Monday, 9 Sept 1946)