Saturday, November 5, 2011

The King of the Cowboys - In Celebration of 100 Years

Today is Roy Rogers' 100th birthday! On November 5, 1911, Roy Rogers was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Today the spot is covered by second base of the baseball stadium.Roy grew up in Ohio and then moved to California with his father during the depression.

In 1938, he burst upon the cinema screen, with his first starring role, in "Under Western Stars". Together with his beautiful palomino named Trigger, Roy quickly climbed to the top and became the King of the Cowboys. Throughout his long and distinguished career, he made 88 feature films and 100 episodes of "The Roy Rogers Show".

In 1947, Roy married his leading lady, Dale Evans. Together they made western entertainment history. Becoming beloved role models for every little "cowpoke" who ever dreamed of the American West. They provided many, many happy trails for people all over the world.

In honor of Roy's 100th birthday, we have put together a video tribute which features the fabulous song, "The King of the Cowboys", which was written by (and is sung by) Roy Rogers, Jr. (Dusty). So sit back and enjoy "The King of the Cowboys", who will forever be remembered as a "kind and gentle legend". Happy Trails to you!

He's rode across your silver screen
For over forty years
He's brought bad men to justice
he's seen laughter, and he's seen tears
and I know forever, in many hearts he'll reign
As the King of the Cowboys.
There is honour to his name.

He's a kind and gentle legend
a hero is his name
Showing young folks to see the right from wrong
And he's taught me the very same
And I know forever, in many hearts he'll reign
As the King of the Cowboys
There is magic in his name

He's the King of the Cowboys, a legend in his time
A man who loves his country
Where he will always ride
Saddled up on his golden Palomino
A six gun at each side
His spurs and boots and his white hat
Walks a man with a lot of Pride

He's the King of the Cowboys
A legend in his time
A man who loves his country
Riding off into the sunset
In a western sky of blue
He has given precious memories
and Happy Trails to me and you!

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