Friday, July 27, 2012

Peter Breck; Nick Barkley in 'The Big Velley'; Dies at 82

PETER BRECK (13 March 1929 - 6 February 2012)

I know that this is a little late, but we just found out last night that Peter Breck died February 6th. He is best remembered for playing Barbra Stanwyk's hot-headed son, Nick Barkley, in the TV show, The Big Valley. Always the one to come to the rescue with the guns blazing, or belt the dishonest citizen in the face, or get into trouble and have to be rescued by his level-headed brothers.

Sarah and I were introduced to The Big Valley several years ago, when we got a disc of episodes out from the library. Ever since, we have been ardent fans of the show. In our minds, it even surpassed Bonanza. The five family members work so well together and make the stories believable. This is definitely a show not to be missed. Right now, the complete first season and the first half of season two are available on DVD.

Right after we discovered the series, we wrote to Mr. Breck and received autographed photos of him as Nick. He was a fantastic cowboy and a great character. We have seen him in several other shows, and it is funny as it always seems like Nick on another show. :o)

For a full obituary, see the NYTimes.

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